About HartCar

A familiar story to many people. Childhood spent drawing pictures of cars and now as an adult, still doing the same thing. Of course it’s no longer done with a pencil, ruler and paper provided by Mum and Dad!

Cars have always fascinated me and getting a summer job cleaning cars at a rental car company was just about the ultimate job. I was a student with little money and an old gutless 1973 Toyota Corona. Even better it was brown. I loved it (the job not the Toyota) and still tell people it was one of my best jobs. The first BMW and Mercedes Benz I ever drove were at this job.

Things then changed and I took the university route and became an accountant and then management consultant. Income was better, fun factor not so much.

So now I find myself able to enjoy my own nice cars and back to drawing cars. I still spend plenty of time cleaning cars too, just with a bit more care than a rental…

This is where you come into the picture. If you’re stuck in an office and long to be out playing with cars then perhaps you can at least look at cars and put some artwork in the walls. Or maybe you are fortunate enough to have your own garage and nice vehicles and want to make things look a bit nicer with some artwork on the walls. It’s up to you where you want to hang them.

The main thing is so many of us enjoy cars be it cleaning them, driving them, buying and selling them or lying on the ground underneath fixing them.