Porsche 993 Apparel

The Porsche 993 is the last of the air cooled 911 models. Some say also the pinnacle of the design in both appearance and mechanical design. Kind of makes sense the last Porsche 911 before changing to a water cooled design would be the best. Then again, speak to any 911 Porsche owner and they will probably tell you why their particular Porsche is the best version. The 993 is no exception.

Available in Carrera, Carrera S, Carrera 4, Carrera 4S, Cabriolet, Targa, Turbo and Turbo S versions. Plus a few of the specialty models such as the Speedster, RS and GT2. Each has their pros and cons and also depends on your budget! Some like the narrow body Carrera whilst others prefer the wide body versions. For me it’s probably the Carrera S because it combines the wide body and the much nicer front bumper cover. Then again, I wouldn’t knock back the 993 Carrera RS with all its narrow body goodness. I could live with the less attractive front bumper cover.

That is why I chose the Porsche 993 Carrera S model as you see here. The price premium seems to indicate that many others like this 993 model as well.

Porsche 993 T-shirts

There are numerous styles of t-shirts in short, long and sleeveless varieties for both males and females. Choose from classic, active, premium, fitted and more. Different neck styles such as regular v-neck and scoop neck. If you like a single graphic, most are that style, however, there are also options for those who prefer the all over graphic look and in that case there are a few options there too.

Depending on the style, that are all the major colours or combinations like in the case of the raglan sleeve 3/4 sleeve baseball shirts. You can choose from a few different colour sleeves with the same mint green Porsche 993 Carrera S print.

Some have the traditional cotton/polyester fabric and then others such as the 993 Porsche Active T-shirt feature quick dry and breathable fabric for when you are on the go at the gym or enjoying the outdoors and need something with a bit of stretch and extra comfort.

There are way too many versions to list here so check out all the styles, colours and sizes available by clicking the button above.

Porsche 993 Hoodies And Sweatshirts

If you need something for the cooler temperatures, then the Porsche Carrera print hoodies and sweatshirts might be the answer. There are styles to suit most tastes with pullover and zipper hoodies as one example.

Whilst there are long sleeve t-shirts available, if you are looking for something better suited to cooler temperatures, then the long sleeve sweatshirts should fit the bill. Again, these are available in a couple of different fabric weights for the ultimate answer.

Plenty of colour and size options so you can be assured of finding the right Porsche print hoodie or sweatshirt regardless of the temperature where you live.

Porsche 993 Tank Tops

If summer is coming to your part of the world or you just like the increased comfort of a tank top at the gym, you can still show love for the German marque. Styles for men and women in a range of sizes and colours. The female tank top is the form fitting racerback style.

Porsche 993 Dresses

Looking for something to relax in around the home? There are dress styles to match your taste. All over prints of the 993 in a t-shirt type dress or the more relaxed fit A-line dress that can also work over your swimwear when heading to the beach or hotel pool.

These are not the only items available with the 993 Carrera artwork. If you would like to see other items such as homewares, cups and mugs, stationery, phone, tablet and laptop cases and skins plus many more, click the button below.

HartCar is one person with an interest in cars. As a permanent traveler it is difficult to maintain stock and ship orders because I am never in one place for too long. Therefore I use a third party print on demand service to create and ship each item. Your order will be securely processed on their website. This also makes it ideal if you would like something customised such as a different colour Porsche 993, background or maybe a stripe or two. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please get in touch.