BMW M3 Homeware

Time to get some BMW M3 homewares? BMW almost achieved perfection with the first M3 model released in 1986. Based on the E30, the BMW M3 was a success on the track and the road. Even if many didn’t think it would be that way. It was built as a homologation special to qualify for the DTM and Group A Touring classes.

The E30 BMW M3 uses the two door E30 chassis, although there were a few convertibles as well. Differences in the body of the two door include a flattened rear window and lightweight trunk lid or boot lid that sat slightly higher. Of course there were also the box flares that make the car such an iconic model today. In the end, only the bonnet, roof and sunroof are shared between the regular E30 and the E30 M3. The engine is the four cylinder double overhead cam S14 that produced between 143 kW and 147 kW, depending on the market. There were also some special models including the Evolution or EVO1 with more power, thinner glass, larger rear spoiler and deeper front splitter.

So what better way to show your love for the BMW M3 than to display it around your home. This could be a bedroom, home office, garage or just about anywhere else. Many of these options come in different sizes so there is probably one to suit the location you have in mind.

BMW M3 Wall Clocks

These BMW M3 wall clocks can be customised with your choice of frame and hand colour. To be honest, you probably have enough clocks around the place, however, do any of them look as good as these?

The clock has a quartz mechanism to ensure an accurate time and runs on a AA battery. They come with a built in rear hook, clear plexiglass cover and a bamboo wood frame.

BMW M3 Pillows And Cushions

Many different sizes for M3 BMW pillows and cushions. Choose from the throw pillows you use on something like a sofa of bed through to the floor pillows you can lounge around on whilst perhaps watching the latest E30 BMW M3 video on YouTube.

In addition to numerous sizes, you can order them with or without the insert. If you get the insert then it will be a polyester fill product. Maybe you just need the cover because you have an existing pillow that’s looking a bit tired and you want a change. No need to go to the extra expense for an insert when you don’t need one.

The zipper is concealed to make the M3 pillows look better and nothing to get caught on clothing or other material.

The floor pillows are only sold as a cover and it measures a large 36 x 36 inches or 90 x 90 centimetres.

BMW M3 Coasters

Sold as a set of four coasters featuring a glossy finish masonite face and cork backing. This ensures a nice bright image on the top and no risk of scratching other surfaces with the bottom. These are suitable for drinks of all temperatures.

Each M3 BMW coaster measures the usual size of 4 x 4 inches or 10 x 10 centimetres.

BMW M3 Comforters

All right, these might be more suitable for the younger people, rather than just the young at heart. For that reason they are available from twin to king sizes. Features multiple full colour prints of the blue E30 BMW on the blanket. The colour print on the front and white on the back.

They feature double seams for additional strength and long life. The good thing is they are machine washable so no concerns about how to keep them looking good on your bed.

BMW M3 Throw Blankets

If you don’t need a thicker type comforter then the BMW M3 throw blanket might be perfect. 100% polyester fleece with an all over design that may nearly get to be full size of you order the largest of the small, medium and large sizes.

Like the comforter, the blanket has the full colour M3 print on one side and plain white on the other. Don’t worry about the white though, the blanket is machine washable so you can keep it looking pristine all the time.

These are not the only items available with the E30 M3 artwork. If you would like to see other items such as cups and mugs, stationery, phone, tablet and laptop cases and skins plus many more, click the button below.

HartCar is one person with an interest in cars. As a permanent traveler it is difficult to maintain stock and ship orders because I am never in one place for too long. Therefore I use a third party print on demand service to create and ship each item. Your order will be securely processed on their website. This also makes it ideal if you would like something customised such as a different colour BMW M3, background or maybe a stripe or two. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please get in touch.